Toxic Tort

Today’s toxic tort cases present significant financial risks to business. Plaintiffs are bringing new cases concerning alleged exposure to minimal concentrations of chemicals and environmental agents at a rapid pace. These cases can result in substantial potential financial exposure to companies. Attorneys play on the public’s fear of chemicals and its suspicion of corporations. Our team focuses on causation and/or evidence of actual damages in defense of such claims. Businesses require experienced, motivated and aggressive defense counsel to ensure your company is properly protected and defended.

The Toxic Tort Team is lead by Perry Rocco who has experience handling the defense of a wide range of environmental and toxic tort matters. Increasingly, toxic tort cases are directed at the “peripheral” companies with claims based on “trace” or “low level” exposure to chemicals or environmental agents. These cases place a premium on utilizing defense counsel who can master both the law and science applicable to the matter. Our Team possesses the necessary qualities that integrate legal expertise and practical science in achieving an economical and desirable resolution for our clients.

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