Premises Liability

Premises liability involves several legal concepts and specific categories of liability. As with all of our practice areas, we offer representation in Illinois and Indiana. We have presented seminars to clients including an Overview of Illinois and Indiana Premises Liability Law.

Beyond the slips and falls of premises liability, there are such concerns of false arrest and related torts. Vigorous defense of these torts, including focus on fault principles and damages, can significantly impact the resolution of the case.

In Illinois, Premises Liability can also involve the Animal Control Act and Dog Bite Law. These provisions outline theories of liability as well as defenses. Similarly, there are statutory provisions with regard to Dram Shop liability. Further, there are concerns for exposure to, and defense of, such theories as Liability for the Negligence of Minors.

Finally, in many cases, consideration must be given to Illinois and Indiana Indemnification Law.

Premises liability can be as simple as a trip and fall at a home and diverse as representing the owner of an amusement park. The attorneys at Molzahn, Reed & Rouse are experienced throughout the spectrum.

Premises liability may also involve issues of “vertical transportation.” Perry C. Rocco, member, has represented companies that design, manufacture, install and maintain elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. The premises liability aspect of these cases can be as simple as a foreign substance on the floor and as complicated as a malfunctioning product. Molzahn, Reed & Rouse has been in the forefront of numerous Appellate Decisions clarifying and in some occasions, setting the applicable law for the state of Illinois in this area.

Our attorneys have also represented owners and managing agents from retail establishments ranging from discount department stores to high end retail stores. Molzahn, Reed & Rouse, has represented companies in premises liability actions brought by individuals who have claimed injury from a variety of circumstances including a simple trip and fall on a foreign substance to the misfiring of a firearms in a discount department store.

Molzahn, Reed & Rouse, has represented the owners and managing agents of amusement parks for over 20 years. These cases usually involve an overlap of premises liability and product liability. Our experience in these areas places Molzahn, Rocco, Reed & Rouse in a unique position to make evaluations for our clients as to the best defense available under the circumstances of a particular case.

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