Mechanics’ Lien Litigation

Molzahn, Reed & Rouse offers a broad range of capabilities in the construction surety bond field. With extensive experience in all phases of construction surety litigation, our surety team has expertise in both direct surety litigation and related bankruptcy creditor rights litigation. Our surety expertise consists of:

Attorneys experienced in all aspects of construction litigation, including an attorney who has a engineering background. A bankruptcy attorney whose practice is focused on creditor’s rights. Attorneys with expertise in wage claims, including Fair Labor Standards and Davis-Bacon Act claims involving payment and union employee benefit bond claims. We have acted as counsel in the following types of matters:

  • Disputed default and payment claims
  • Delay and consequential damage claims
  • Negotiation of completion agreements
  • Indemnity actions
  • Lien foreclosure and trust fund actions
  • Bankruptcy creditor litigation on behalf of sureties

At Molzahn, Reed & Rouse our longstanding experience in the insurance defense field and our expertise in the construction surety field provides us with a unique understanding of a surety’s need to quickly investigate and evaluate default claims, negotiate completion agreements, while avoiding delay and consequential damages in a cost effective manner. We also offer customized and flexible fee arrangements.

For more information about our capabilities in the surety field, contact Steven P. Rouse, member.

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